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Pro Player Using Oggie
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What is an Oggie Ergo Grip?

Most hockey stick shafts are rectangular. This rectangular shape was not designed to fit comfortably in your hand. Rectangular sticks were made for one purpose only, to manufacture 1000's of hockey sticks! Oggie manufactures hockey stick grips thinking about YOU, the player. Oggie makes a hi-tech grip specifically TO FIT COMFORTABLY IN YOUR HAND. You insert the Ergo Composite Hockey Stick End-Plug into hollow composite and aluminum hockey sticks with supplied hot melt glue, just like a replacement wood end plug.

Ergo Hockey Stick grips

  • For Hollow Sticks Only!
  • Adult, Intermediate, and Junior stick grip sizes available
  • Legal for use!
  • Designed for ice, street, and inline hockey
  • Patented ergonomically designed grip
  • Developed for comfort and style like no other grip on the market today
  • Perfect complement to today's high end composite sticks
  • Safer and softer butt end than tape
  • Provides 6 1/2" (16.51 cm) extension
  • Patented Grip-Flex System

How to Install an Oggie Grip



With over a year's worth of research and development and testing behind it, Oggie Grip Ergo has an Exclusive Patented Grip-Flex System built into inner structural core of grip which enables you to generate optimal power from your shot.

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  • Strong and lightweight thermo-composite structural inner
  • Not too bulky like other grips
  • The outer skin is made from a soft, non-slip, comfortable synthetic rubber
  • Potentially improve stick handling ability
  • Oggie Grips are perfect to extend the life of a short or broken stick.
  • By utilizing Oggie Grips as an extension, growing junior and intermediate players can get extended use out of their big buck composite sticks.

Pro Player Using Oggie
Another pro player using Oggie Ergo

Hockey Stick Grip FAQ





Helpful Tips for Oggie Ergo Grip

Oggie Ergo Grips are a bit more rounded and slightly narrower than a rectangular stick shaft, just like a shaved grip. For most people, this shaved feel is great. But if you have a larger hand and want to bulk up an Oggie Grip, you simply wrap the grip with a cohesive or cloth tape to make the grip feel larger. When you tape it, you get the same curved grip which is designed to fit your hand more naturally than a rectangular stick shaft, as well as having Oggie's Exclusive Patented Grip-Flex System built in.

Oggie grips also feel a bit more "grippy" in your hand than most tapes. If this "grippy" feel is what you are looking for in a grip, then insert your Oggie Grip and play some hockey! If you like a less "grippy feel, many players also put tape over Oggie Grips so they can slide their hand on and off the grip more easily.

If you want to change your current way you hold your stick, which should save your gloves from wearing out too fast, then the Oggie Ergo grip is right for you. If not you may want to try the Oggie Classic composite end plug grip or Sticky Grip Foam custom foam feel grips.